Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long time ~ some additions ~ and ~ the foundation!

South Carolina has some truly purty
sunsets just about any night that it
isn't raining or overcast.  You have
to look quick though.  This lasts
five minutes ~ if you're lucky ~ and
than it's gone again until the next night.

Last year my puter died.  I restarted it and it never restarted.  Somehow between the shutdown and the restart Windows 'lost' one of the boot sector executables.  Someday I'll post a good rant about 'Windows'.  Not today though ... I have other things to talk about.  The point is all of our pictures were on my hard drive.  I've got them back now, and have to try and make sure this is all in order. 

For those of you who have been asking questions the next two to three weeks worth of blogs should answer them.  If I say more I'll wax profane and since that isn't what this blog is about I'm skipping that chapter. 

Over the past few months we've added some things.  A root cellar.  No, it isn't finished.  It's still just a large hole.  It started out with a very large root.

After two days of hacking, sawing, hosing, and a lot of cussing we decided that something stronger than manpower was needed. 

That is Russel.  Russel is a lifesaver ~ and just an all around good guy.  Hovering over him is his trusty backhoe.  That backhoe has removed a lot of trees from this place over the past months.  It got a workout removing that 'root'.  This is what finally emerged from the ground.  This is not your average pine root ...

Once it was out the real digging commenced.

Somewhere I have pics of the finished hole.  Somewhere.  They just don't seem to be where I can locate them and upload them. 

We've also increased our flock size.  We got the second roo his own set of ladies ~ seven of them.  These are true Araucana hens.  They have no butts lol, and they lay pretty light blue eggs.  Unlike my other dumb hens, they also know what a roost is for.

I now collect green, blue, pink (they aren't brown even though they look like it in the pic), and an occasional little round white egg.

We've also added three little pigs.  I've never owned pigs before.  I learned somethings about them just on the ride to bring them home.  They behave better than most children while riding in a large rubbermaid tote in the back seat of a vehicle.  They get carsick (and were considerate enough to keep the mess inside the tote).  Their names are Porkchop, Ham, and Bacon.  But, for now they are spoiled and happy.  Yes, that's a plastic ball with big ladybugs all over it lol ~ they play piggy soccer with it for hours.  I've given them cabbages and they play with those for about 3.8 seconds before eating them.

I scrounged around and Phoenix toted home a lot of pallets.  They became the fence for my garden.  Some of the trees we cut were recycled into plant hangers.  Phoenix thinks they look like crosses.  I pointed out that they balance out the witch burning tree he left beside the garden lol.  Those are straw bales inside the garden.  They will get a layer of bunny poop and some compost added to the top and that is what I'm planting in this year.  I can't put the garden where it's going to be permanently because gardens don't like it when big heavy trucks drive through them.  So, this is both temporary and an experiment. 

And, since inquiring minds have been inquiring ~ yup, there is a house being built. 

That is the beginning of the trench for the foundation.  That is Russel working his magic with his backhoe ~ thankfully.  Our soil here is a mix of sand and clay.  It's heavy.  And, since we cleared a lot of trees to make room for a house, it's also chock full of roots.  They aren't as big as that one that was lodged in the root cellar, but there are a LOT of them.  Sixty three feet of trench :-)  That's the back wall.

There are a few more to get to.

To give you an idea of the size of those trees lying there, on the right side is my little Mitsu truck.

Sigh.  More roots.

And than came the real grunt work.  Those trenches needed to be shaped, forms had to be built, there was some back filling to be done, etc.

That's your bedroom on the right side mom.  I promise that we'll remove the shrubbery before you get here!

Living room on the left ~ kitchen and dining on the right ... and that stack of tires back there is 'part' of your back alleyway wall. 

We have more ...

On the left will be dad's room.

Getting to this point took some grueling work in the heat.  But, it's almost ready ... just needs rebar and some final touches with a shovel.

Next post ~ three trucks worth of cement!

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