Monday, February 1, 2010

Little clearing in the woods

The images will return, but not in the slideshow. 

These images are the first clearing for the left side of mom and dad's home.  There were several stuctures that had to be removed, an old fence, and various items that had been left back in the woods over the years.  The small shed that was there contained old tvs, one gargantuan printer, and buckets full of other items.  There were grapevines (and several unidentifiable vines) growing all throughout the trees and underbrush as well.

Each tree that was cut had to be limbed and either chopped up for firewood, or hauled off to an ever growing stack of logs.  The brush all had to be burned ~ although since I suspect P is a closet pyro *G*, that part didn't seem to bother him all that much.  He seems quite content to wander out there for hours each evening to rake in the coals and just gaze adoringly into the orange glow. 

The next slideshow will be the other half, as well as some pics of the log pile.  I'll try and get one together of all of the big trees coming down as well.  The ones in these pics are all of the smaller ones ... I say smaller, but most of them are between 20 - 30 feet tall.  The big ones are between 90 and 140 foot.  The shade is nice, but the danger from those pole pines doesn't justify keeping them.

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  1. Looks like your starting to get things rolling. Glad the winter has been mild enough for you's to get going. Look forward to watching the progress.


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