Friday, June 11, 2010

Wet cement and naked trees

This is the town clock in Lexington SC.
We don't live there.
We don't live anywhere 'near' there,
just in the same county.
But, it's a pretty little clock and I
thought it deserved a picture.

I went and took a picture of our 'root cellar' since I couldn't find the others.  It's a hole in the ground for now, and likely to remain that way until sometime later this summer.  All that's down there is a pipe with a sump pump in it ~ but the good news is that we haven't had to run it since we back filled some of that dirt.  Hopefully my potatoes won't have to learn the back stroke.

Next up is that massive root that was removed.  I know I posted a pic already, but I took another with P standing beside it so that you can see what a monstrosity it truly is.

The next pic is my 'boo boo'.  I banged my shin on something hard, metal, and painful in the shop looking for a tool.  After walking around on it all day I drove about 80 miles to pick up some free wood.  When we got back it began throbbing and when I looked, that nice swelling is what I saw.  Ice packs are good friends!  I babied it a bit the next day and it's as good as new now.

So ~ wet cement.  Since I mentioned it in the title, I suppose I should show you some.  The morning of the pour the forms were 'almost done'.  After two hours of fast forward work, they were ready.

It's a good thing they got done.  See those?  Those are cement trucks.  Three of 'em.  They looked pretty good sitting there in the driveway!

It took a while to get the truck and the shute lined up, but eventually ....

things began to flow!  The nice cement man told me I could put up pictures of his truck as long as they were only of the 'pretty one'.  Lol, that's the pretty one.  I thought they were all bee-ewe-ti-ful, but maybe that's because I'm just a female.

Look dad ~ it's your bedroom wall (well, one of them!).

Another wall ~ the front one.

This is about where the front door will be.  Obviously someone (we won't mention any names P!) has been busy smoothing things out.  The day progressed, and here they are pouring the back wall of mom's bathroom.

The next one is where your dining room table will live and your bedroom door.

At the end of the day, things were smoothed out and starting to look like someone wants to build something.


The next two days were spent making room inside the foundation for the stone and eventually a floor.  Even the green stuff is gone (as promised). 

The other part of the title was 'naked trees'.  Well, this is what 'naked trees' look like.

This is what a tree's clothing looks like ...

Lots of trees will have to become naked before this house is done!

Sitting around waiting ... patiently ... while this was all taking place were these bags of sawdust.  Very soon they will be opened ....

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