Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The King, his Queens, and life in Cluckingham Palace

Most days, if it hasn't been rainy, you will see this.  For about five minutes,
if you are paying attention ... but you will see it. 
Welcome to sunset in the Carolinas!

I doodled a bit on paper one day and came up with some plans.  Than I insisted (and I had to insist because P is a stubborn creature) that P go and get the materials to make my doodle a reality ~ and get them cut at the lumber place.  He made a lot of man type noises and a few of my daughter-in-law's favorite faces (and she does make faces, no matter what she tells you lol) and than he went and got the back of the truck loaded up.

He got out the drill, and the saw, and the rolls of wire, and got to work ...

He's really good at this plunge cut with the 'man' saw.  I use a jigsaw for this sort of thing ...

It's getting there ....

It still needs a door, but P needed a break.  These are Sheila's cats, but they make good
lap warmers ... or book ends ... and very loud purrs ...

Before that rest period got too comfortable, another load of wood showed
up, so I built the door.

By the time the wire was all stapled and P hung the door, it was dark ...
and these little guys were very happy to see it get done. 
They had been 'supervising' from a little pen nearby. 

This is the 'Stairway to Heaven' lol ...
It took them a few minutes to figure it out,
but after the first brave hen (pullet really)
found the balcony up top, the
rest quickly followed her.

They weren't too sure about the tether ball (cabbage) I
hung up for them that first night.  They had a pretty
traumatic day ... windy ride in the back of the truck ...
supervising the loud job of putting their palace together ...
and finally exploring the palace.  Now a strange, green,
something.  They pretty much gave it the skunk eye that night.

Pretty chickies, aren't they?  These are Ameracaunas ...
If I take good care of them and feed them well they
will lay me pretty green and cream eggs soon.

The one with the white under his beak is 'the King'. 

The next day they figured out what that
strange, possibly eee-ville thing was ...

I'm gonna need a lot of cabbages ... and apples ... and ... P, how about a seesaw (not an edible one)!

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