Friday, November 20, 2009

A few final touches

A good bit of South
Carolina is rivers and
swamps.  To the right
is a scene from along
the Congaree creek. 
Below are cypress trees.

We still needed a few more little things done before we could actually move in.  It's been getting pretty nippy at night and my cats aren't used to being outside at all, let alone outside in the cold.  They are accustomed to the house being on the chilly side since we don't run the furnace ~ only a small ceramic heater in the bathroom.  While they will be able to come and go between the camper and the cat house via that cat door, I wanted them to have somewhere a bit protected if they choose to be outside.  So Phoenix knocked together the little shelter I drew up and covered it with some of the carpet we removed from the camper. 

Inside the camper he added this little door.  If it gets really cold it will deflect any serious air flow, and if we need to keep the cats outside for any reason (or inside!) we can easily do so.

Outside, there is a three level condo, covered inside and out with carpet.  It's large enough to add some soft snuggly kitty beds, and also provides a play area.  A few of Sheila's cats have already pronounced it a very fine area to play in *G*

We'll also be adding their familiar (and well worn) cat tree.  It's actually part of a hickory tree that P cut down several years ago.  He brought the piece home intending to turn it into a dragon's claw.  I looked at it and saw little carpet covered perches.  P loves me and spoils me often ~ and I got my cat tree :-)  The Siamese is AzIf who crossed the Rainbow Bridge a while ago, and Fiona when she was just a kitten. 

And, to provide some warmth in our fine dining area, I again scored on Craigslist and sent Phoenix off to pick up this nice fireplace.  It's cast iron, has some neat brass decoration, and a screen to keep the fire from adding little singed spots to any kitties snuggling up close to it for warmth.  I'm looking forward to morning coffee in front of it very much.

And, the last of the wood for the front wall and computer room of my parent's home is now under cover in the old barn.  The main wall will be 8 foot tall and 60 feet long.  There will be a computer room/extra bedroom on that wall as well.  The easiest way to figure out how much wood you'll need is to multiply for the area, and divide by face cords (a face cord is 4' x 8' x the length of your logs).  So, 8 x 60 = 480 sq. ft.  The puter room is 10 x 12 with one wall being the front wall of the home.  That means 8 x 32 = 256 for a total of 736 sq. ft.  Subtract (for doors and windows) 120 and divide by 32.  We need 19.25 face cords for the front of the home.  The other three walls along with the interior will require an additional 35 face cords.  We purchased the firewood for this home, and the wood was already cut and split.  The bark still needs to be removed ~ and guess who's job that is.  I have a feeling I'm going to look a bit like the Hulk before I get done.

It's time for a U-Haul!


  1. You forgot one.
    The guy in the red shirt dosn't come back.


  2. Lol, I think the one in the red shirt knew enough to hide for that entire episode!

  3. You knew someone was on a one way trip if he had a red shirt and a fazer.


  4. Star Trek was cool~ BUT~B5 was better.


  5. looking good ...grandkids are good for bark stripping and if you can keep P from stripping the brass off the fireplace for something else youre one step ahead.


  6. The grandkids are in school yet, but we may get a little bit of time to recruit them between classes. They are 120 miles away, so planning is a necessity.

    The brass balls are already spoken for ~ by me! I'm reserving them for someone that I think needs some 'big and bad' bolstering lol. Or, I may just leave them sitting there on the fireplace and making Phoenix covet them *G*

  7. I dont need brass balls, mine are stainless steel LOL


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