Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making the 'Tin Teepee' home

Snow?  Not snow.  This is South Carolina.
We don't have snow here, at least not             


This is cotton.  A field full of the fuzzy
white stuff. 

In case you're wondering mom, it
doesn't help to 'pretend' that it's snow
on a sweltering summer day.

You'll still be hot and sweaty,
even with that field of white stuff
all spread out alongside the road *G*

Now, about that tin teepee ...

Since I just refused to allow the camper to be painted yellow and embellished with various nautical items so people could call it the 'Yellow Submarine' it has become the 'Tin Teepee'.  I can live with that.  I'm learning to live with the fact that most teepees had more space inside as well. 

There are still certain things that just have to be inside of that teeny space.  So, P has been adding some amenities.

First, he cleared a spot in the                                          

old defunct trailer to store things.
Most of our 'stuff' will be down
in that barn alongside the wood.
Some of our stuff needs to be
closer, if only to save us endless
trips to dig them out.

It took a bit of work, but a
storage room gradually                                                 

Yes mom, those are some of
the windows.  Also sitting there
is that really nice (and cheap!)
mattress set I found on

I believe I've already mentioned
how much I love that place!

Phoenix really does try to make
my life easier.  I can't say how much
I appreciated it when he put away
all the food and 'stuff' that we'd
already hauled to the land. 

I may have to hunt for things, but
I'll be able to hunt without falling
over other things now.

This also reaffirms 'why' I planned
an outdoor kitchen! 

The cat door is now functional                                     
and in place. 

A nice box/shelf/door was
added since that door
created a wonderful
wind tunnel the same week
the night time temps dipped
down into the 30's.

A few small shelves above                                          
it on the side of the closet ...

A storage drawer under the bed ...                              

It still needs to be painted, but that                              
can wait.  Outside, a few more changes,
additions, and upgrades are needed ...
here's one hint ....

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