Saturday, October 17, 2009

We're adapting ...

There wasn't going to be enough room in the tiny house for all of the animals at once, and runs were planned. There isn't enough room in the teeny trailer for the two big dogs to even turn around without bumping something, so outside housing is now a priority.

They aren't going to like this at all ~ but the alternative is ... well, for us there is no alternative. We've added long walks and daily play time to our 'to do' list.
We've also added a 'roof'. Ma Nature has been cranky, and everytime we need to cut wood it seems to be dripping. Nuts to that.

This is much better :-) We'll see if it works ~ although we don't really expect it to last very long. We have tin, but no time to get it up right now.

See those little metal brackets? They are nifty things that make life so much easier. They make it possible for P to set two by's without bonking me in the head. Fortunately I have a hard head lol. I'm fine, and the board is fine. And these make it possible for me to avoid further bonkings.

Next project ~ storage. We have stuff. Married people (and single people too) tend to gather and accumulate 'stuff over the years. Right now our 'stuff' is in a three bedroom home with an attic, a storage shed, and a greenhouse. I'm no math whiz, but I was detecting a space problem when thinking about all that stuff ... and a 7 x 14 camper. This is the old barn. It's buried down in the woods behind where my parent's home will be.

Guess what? Getting to it meant cutting down a mess more trees. P has been scavenging pallets (free of course) and they are going to be the floor that keeps our 'stuff' out of the mud and the muck.
See my little red truck? It's been roaming hither and yon, usually daily ~ and sometimes more than once each day.

See my little truck's shoes? Poor worn out shoes.

New shoes! Now my little red truck can get around better, and I don't worry so much about P driving hither and yon and ending up on the side of the road with a flat shoe *G*

I wanted to add a pic of the neat helper at the tire place ... I'll stick it in the next blog.


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