Saturday, October 17, 2009

More critter cages than camper

About that neat helper I mentioned ... isn't he just adorable? He isn't really the hired help, just a very determined little man helping his dad ~ but he's definitely adorable *G*

I believe I've mentioned that I have dogs that are absolute wusses. These are those wusses. Since they can't be left alone, they now get to ride back and forth with me each time I make a trip to the property ... but I can now GO there and help. They, all two hundred pounds of them, get to sit in the run and watch. And whimper. And whine. They won't talk to me when I stop to say hi because they are in doggy prison. Ask them. You'll get an earfull!

One of the things I was working on was the bunny bungalow. It's more like a bunny palace, even without the runs ~ which won't be added until spring. For those of you who know me (whether in person or via the internet) you know I don't have much use for penning animals up. This is all very new to me, although for now it's necessary. For the bunnies, it will be permanent. And yes, if you're wondering, these are meat bunnies. I bought three New Zealand buns ~ but these are my breeding stock. It's the babies that will be spending their time in 'freezer camp'. I WISH I had had a camera when my dil went on her rant about 'you're going to eat the BABIES?!?' Yup, gonna eat hassenfheffer ~ but not baby hassenfheffer. It will be all grown up hassenfheffer. If I'm growing my own veggies and fruits and nuts and grains, it stands to reason that I will be raising my own meat. I would need a second blog to explain exactly how I feel about neatly wrapped packages of abused and poorly fed lumps that the grocery stores pass off as meat. Anyway ... I digress. Suffice it to say that I believe that animals should be raised and cared for well, fed what they are meant to eat, and to enjoy that life.

Here it is finished. Yup, it's dark.

Look! The sun came back *G* For now they have water bottles because we are traveling back and forth. Once we're there to stay they will have proper water bowls ~ but I'll be able to check them and make sure those bowls actually have water in them. Eventually I want an automatic water system, and maybe even a mister. It gets pretty hot here and buns don't do so well in extreme heat.

And look mom, your driveway! No more tree blocking the way :-) Isn't it purdy ... all winding and tree lined?


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