Saturday, October 17, 2009

Swimming pools on the roof?

We arrived back after a two day absence (thanks to pouring rain) to find that our lovely tarp was ... not so lovely. It was bulging. Obscenely. It looked positively dangerous! There is something unnerving about 1 1/2 feet of water dangling over your head held there by just a bit of nylon.

It WAS fun (if a bit of work) dumping it out because the dogs did everything but run away to find Noah. In any case, the tarp wasn't going to cut it. We needed to skip ahead to plan B.

Plan B.

Isn't that lovely? Rain proof roof and subtle, diffused lighting to cook by.

For those with an eye for angles ~ or who, like me, notice when a picture is 1/16th of an inch tilted, yes the roof is tilted. We will be adding rain barrels shortly and the roof is set up to catch and deliver rain to where we want it.

My kitchen ~ well, part of it. The stove isn't there yet. There will only be a tiny college dorm type frig in the camper, and our freezer will be in Sheila's trailer. Just picture a stove sitting where that little roll around cart is for now :-) I do have a working sink, cabinets, and even a broom closet (insisted on that because there isn't room to spare in the camper ~ even for a broom!). The bathroom is enclosed, has electric and the shower works. The cat condo will soon sport a neat A frame cottage with various cubby holes, a 'cat walk' up near the top, and a 'cat tree' with lots of perches. Right now the only thing in it is the carpet we removed from the camper. It was new, but ... well, like I said, carpet and many pets don't play well together.

Finally. A real fuse box ~ with breakers ~ and wires ~ ahhhhhh. Civilization!

See all those extention cords? HA! Begone foolish extention cords, you have no power here!

In the background is 'the tarp'. For the time being it covers the new 'workshop' and our fine dining facility. There will eventually be tin over this as well, but for now the tarp has been hung in a 'collapsible' manner. If it rains, the water will automatically dip the center and run off. And, eventually, when we build our own home the camper will be towed out and there will be a ready made pole barn to house P's welding and forging shop.
Once the roof is all tin, we'll be adding a clear plastic 'wrap' so my housedogs don't turn into pup-sickles on the colder nights coming up. We may add a wood burning stove near the table as well ... we'll see.
It ain't 'purdy' but it's incredibly functional. Next up is me working on making the interior of that camper look and feel like home while P begins work on the foundation of mom and dad's house.


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