Saturday, October 17, 2009

Improvise ~ Adapt ~ Overcome

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Military people will recognize this. We tend to live it.

Keeping P off that foot was difficult. The man can't sit still. Well, he can if he chooses to, but otherwise he's up and doing something. Generally he chooses to be up and doing something. He got the cast on 10 days post op. They took the cast off two weeks later, xrayed it, and the doctor called him freaky weird ~ because it was healed. P claims that God looks out for fools and drunks ~ and that since he was made clumsy, God made him so he heals fast.

In the interest of keeping him from doing too much, too soon (in spite of being deemed healed), I once again turned to Craig's list. I found this. It's tinier than the teeny house. It's 7' x 14' lol. It's gonna be 'home sweet home'.

The man we bought it from delivered it. We began gutting it. See that pile? That was the cupboards and closet that were in there. We needed a bed and a desk, not a micro kitchen (more on the kitchen later).

We removed the carpet ~ carpet with 10 pets is a very bad thing! No carpet. Cheap tile is better. Much better. I'm not fond of the color, but the price was excellent.

Next, the crooked cat condo. It's crooked because salvaged lumber is sometimes warped and this is made from salvaged lumber. That makes it a free crooked cat condo *G*

More freebies ...

They built the crooked condo and the 'way more better' step. That tiny, rusted one that is attached was another bad day waiting to happen!

Now, on to the important things. Bathroom. This one will have a shower and a sawdust potty. But not THAT bucket. That's a ten gallon bucket. I'm 5'2". It isn't gonna happen! I found a lovely milkcrate loo that will replace that ~ pictures later!


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