Saturday, October 17, 2009

Upwards ...

Remember I mentioned that we got many of our blocks for free or almost free? Well, money-wise they were free. Time and labor told a slightly different story. See these blocks? See what's all around them (and in them?!?)? Yup. More trees lol. Not just trees. Grapevines and blackberry brambles. Black widows. Other assorted eight legged specimins.

Both Lawren and my little red truck got a workout. Several workouts. They are dirty blocks but they were cheap blocks ~ and we do have a hose *G*

That wall looks pretty short. That's because it IS short. I did mention this is going to be a tiny house, didn't I? It's smaller than most garages. That's ok though, we are trying to save time and there is a lot of outdoor space when the tiny house gets to feeling crowded.

And we're off! Lookee lookee!

Lawren ~ hereafter to be known as Phoenix or 'P' was still working alone. I was sitting in town because my giant dogs are complete and utter wusses. They are afraid to be home alone. So I was with them while P was slogging away building what I planned. It is frustrating and it's darned boring and lonely.
He came home for a day and got another load of freebies on the way back to the property. Those are I beams tucked in amongst the lumber. Lovely things ... they hold up living roofs (among other things).

More goodies ....

See that? Those are nails. You should always be careful around bent nails sticking out of boards.

See why? P made the ultimate sacrifice to show you why. Old bent nails are EEEEvil.

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