Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trees everywhere ...

Our little spot was cleared, the form was built, filled, and removed, and we had a floor! Sitting nearby were the blocks for the walls, the windows, our door, and the kitchen sink. But, that floor needed a few days to cure. Rather than rely just on his usual companions and help (coffee, cigs, gatorade, and prescriptions), Lawren decided to enlist some free labor and recruited the grandkids to start the driveway back to my parent's future home.

See those trees? We have a LOT of trees. Trees are rather awesome things, and I like them ~ but these trees had to go! There has to be room for cement trucks, and cars, etc. to get back there, so the trees must go.

The shorter help worked on the shorter trees. They actually had quite a lot of fun because grandpa let them do things that 'mom' never would. They got to work in the rain (well, drizzle) and no one cared about wet shirts. They got to ~ gasp! ~ pee on trees. They got to hold and use hatchets (and not one drop of blood was shed). I'm not sure if grandpa appreciated the help as much as he enjoyed teaching the boys about this stuff lol.

In spite of all the fun, the end result was looking promising. See the driveway Mom? It's almost there ... 'cept for that pesky big tree lounging in the middle.

That tree got a ride thanks to my little red truck, and at the end of the day the boys got to lounge and enjoy a few creature comforts. Say 'thank you' great grandma, because they earned it!

Aren't they adorable? Adorkable? How about just the very best!


  1. They are really cute!!!!

  2. We think so, but we've been accused of bias!


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