Friday, October 23, 2009

Tonight I'm wishing it was tomorrow ...

This is one of those nights that I can't wait for the end of.  I'd much prefer that it was tomorrow morning, and that I was waking up without the bloody, throbbing mouth.  Got my tooth pulled today.  I'm GLAD I got it pulled, but now I want the aftermath to go away faster.  Much faster. 

If this had gone as planned I would have had this done tomorrow morning.  They had a cancellation which is making me wish it was tomorrow today ~ instead of tomorrow.  Hopefully that made sense *G*

To start with, the whole mess was more jam packed with infection than either I or the dentist anticipated.  He xrayed it, numbed it, and when he checked it before pulling it I about gave him a free skylight.  WOW.  Now, this guy is good.  This guy is quite possibly the only dentist I've run into since Harry (family members will know who Harry is) that is worth paying.  He was more surprised than I was at that reaction ~ to say the least. 

So he loaded up another syringe and had at it.  He gave it a very gentle tap.  Numbness.  He gave it a less gentle tap just to be sure.  Numbness.  He gave it an experimental tug ~ and the offending tooth pretty much fell out.  So, armed with a prescription for one of the few antibiotics I can take and a wad of gauze to chew on, I headed home. 

That was three hours ago.  Normally I'd have gone through half a pot of coffee and begun thinking about food by this time after a tooth extraction.  Not tonight.  I got a super dose of numbness.  A few minutes ago I tried a sip of coffee.  Pbthhhh.  My little white cat is seriously ticked at me and has coffee stains on her lol.  Sorry Fiona, you should probably choose somewhere other than my lap to take a nap for a while.  That 'sip' dribbled right down the front of me ala Bill Cosby with the bottom lip that doesn't work. 

I'll try again.  I'm thirsty.  Seriously thirsty.  Water absolutely doesn't appeal.  It would turn pink.  Blech.  It would take on the same metallic taste that already is annoying me.  Blech.  So ~ coffee it is ~ even if I must pinch my lips together manually and tilt my head to get it aimed in the right direction.

I had P make my bunny bungalows this week since my face was making me completely useless.  Drew him some plans and he dutifully turned some scrap plywood into snug bunny bungalows.  They are useful things as far as the buns are concerned.  They are warm at night when it's nippy, and during the day provide both a porch and a rooftop lounging area to view the world around them.

As you can see, they are enjoying them *G*  I also had P build a closet in the teeny little camper.  It won't hold a lot, but at least we won't be overrun with clean or dirty laundry (the hamper fits neatly in the bottom).  Even using scrap wood and scrounged hinges, P does nice work!

That's all for tonight.  I'm gonna sit here and dribble some more coffee ... maybe play a game ... dribble some more coffee.  Eventually I'll be able to swallow coffee and the bleeding will stop and I'll be able to sleep through the remaining after effects of yet another bad tooth.  


  1. As someone who has had plenty of dentist appointments myself, I sympathize with what you are going through. Dental distress is in a class all its own.

  2. That it is. I'll be glad when mine are all out and I don't have to deal with this pain any longer.


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