Saturday, October 17, 2009

Catching up

Wow, it's been about forever since I updated this, and a LOT has been going on.

Losing Dopey really turned my world upside down, inside out, and just generally put me into a funk. Part of it was the stress from the past two years, and part of it was how many of my furry friends I've lost in the last five. Word of advice ~ don't ever get a lot of pets all at once that are all the same age. I did that with 5 and I lost them over a two year period. Granted, they had long happy lives, but that many goodbyes are tough when they just keep coming.

Anyway, we decided to build a little tiny house rather than worry about making Sheila nuts. I designed a teeny, tiny place. When I say teeny tiny, I mean teeny tiny. The floor size is 14 x 17. I added a cat house, dog runs, etc. around it so that all of us (Lawren, myself, the furry ones) could coexist without dreaming about recipes for the others lol.

We also opted to use cement blocks because I was finding tons of them on Craig's list for free or a few pennies. The next issue was where to put it. Hmmm. This spot looks promising ....

Lawren started cutting down trees. Lots of them. He spent hours hacking out tenacious unidentifiable vines and chopping at stumps. He also painstakingly rerouted the grape vines that were mixed in the whole mess to the fence and introduced them to how well brought up grape vines really live.

He kept on chopping and hacking, and frequently burning the remains ....

In between he made a few side trips for some things. I found a supply of free (yes FREE) marble, a huge stash of windows, my dream sink, etc. He dutifully swore freely, stopped what he was doing, and drove off to haul these treasures back to the homestead.

He was spending most days and nights on the property and hanging out in our tent. We bought the tent in case of hurricanes. Never used it, but we had it lol. It was finally getting some use ~ and it's a pretty neat tent as tents go. Me, I was sitting at our house 70 miles away and scouring Craigslist.

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