Saturday, July 4, 2009

Paper kitchens, wooden toilets, and ... grapes.

Happy birthday America, and happy Fourth of July everyone.

I spent yesterday juggling the finances and rearranging supplies and materials, so I didn't have much oomph left to type away last night. We started off today with a new breakfast creation. Instead of the usual biscuits and gravy I made a breakfast pizza. I took my biscuit dough and patted it into two pie plates, topped it with sausage and gravy, some scrambled eggs, and large handsfuls of cheese. While it was in the oven I fried up a mess of homefries. I ended up with 1 1/2 pie plates left over and put two halves in the freezer and wrapped up the other half for tomorrow morning. It's definitely something that I'll make again ... and again.

Over the past two days, Lawren has been out in the back yard hacking up that darn tree the neighbor gave us last summer. He got a bit silly (or too much sun maybe) and used the chain saw to create a stool. I think that's cool, except the stool looked to me like it needed something. It needs a tank ... and a seat with a lid. He's gonna add those and has even offered to hollow out the bowl to put squirrel food in. I think I can live with that lol. He doesn't like squirrels all that much so I'm just grateful he didn't decide to carve out a wooden cannon or something ....

Next ... the paper kitchen. I'm really trying to create a house that my parents will love ~ not just like. Unfortunately there are 700 miles between them and where the house will be built and I feel as though I'm winging too much of it. I know what I want in a kitchen, but this is mom's that is being built. I have floor plans printed out, but unlike me, she doesn't 'see' a finished product. So, after several hours of nagging I created this ... and snipped and taped it together. Mom will get this in the mail shortly and she can direct me from there as far as what changes or additions she wants. It's done in a one pixel equals one inch scale ~ and that's a cat collar laying beside it. My fingers are much bigger than those little openings. Fortunately mom was far enough away that I wasn't in danger of eating dishwashing liquid while I put it together *G*

And ... grapes. We've got grapes. Everywhere. Many of them are mixed in and twined between the blackberries and raspberries. I love volunteer food! We've been picking the blueberries here this week as well, and tossing each days ripe ones in the excalibur. Right now they are only producing about a cup a day, but I suspect by the end of the week I'll be a mad blueberry picker. I'll have to be because Chompers likes them as much as we do!

The other project for today was a small chicken tractor. I located a woman (love Craig's list!) who has laying Araucanas for six bucks each. Now I have a temporary home for them. By temporary I mean about two weeks. By than our little house will be built, along with the chicken coop and run. But, I'll have the neatest and nummiest blue and green eggs to cook. For those who aren't familiar with chickens, these are the 'Easter egg' hens. They lay blue and green shelled eggs instead of white or brown.


  1. LOL I love the wooden toilet. But, I have to agree he must have gotten too much sun to create such an oddity (but a funny one *smirk*) Can't wait for your farm to be completed!

    Just remember... Don't send any dead baby chickens... I'm liable to have a heart attack. LOL

  2. Easter Eggers!!! My neighbor has several and vowed to give us some once I get my coop built!!

  3. I like the colored eggs ~ brown, blue, green ... as long as they aren't plain old white!


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