Saturday, June 6, 2009

The beginning

We're just embarking on this adventure. In some ways it is just another step following many that we've taken over the past years while planning and learning to be more self sufficient and sustainable. It is also a brand new experience since this is finally "our" land and our permanent home. I have no illusions that it will all be easy, or that everything will work as planned. All along we've constantly learned new things, new methods, and the error of thinking that 'countless generations of people have lived as farmers so how hard can it be?'. Lol ~ the more we learn, the more we realize there is to learn. Both of us have a lot of practical and hands on experience behind us, and we have put together a library of books, videos, and countless articles to continue guiding us. We're very thankful for all of the people who have been so willing to share their successes as well as their mistakes for the benefit of others. In so many ways they have already helped us omit some serious errors. I'm sure we'll make plenty more, and those will be here right along with our own success stories. It would be a poor way to pay it forward if we weren't as willing as others to detail a mistake (and just plain mean to cheat anyone out of a good giggle).

So, I give you 'Dunwurkin Farm' as it is right now ... five acres of trees with a doublewide trailer on it. Quite obviously we are no where near 'dunwurkin' ~ and with a farm we most likely will never get there. Very shortly ... three acres of those trees come down. They will provide the wood for our home and barn (after the hubby cuts and splits them and yours truly strips them of bark).

We will be pulling most of them (stumps and all) with the truck. The larger ones will be dropped and sized for beams, door frames, etc. The largest ones that happen to be in the goat pasture will find a permanent home as either shade or part of my goat playground :-) The few with rather interesting forks and bends will become part of the porch posts, bedposts, and otherwise continue to decorate the premises.


  1. Hi, lori! thought I'd plug in here. y'all make me tired just reading about all the work. i am honored to be part of this. tell your parents that at least there's a walmart 12 miles away. we are truly in the woods. at least we have high speed internet.
    later, sheila.

  2. Ohhhhh we should have coffee.......

  3. Ohhh we should have coffee!!! -Jimmy's Wife

  4. You guys are welcome anytime ~ and it's rare that there isn't a carafe of coffee :-)


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